PurePouch™ Packaging Machine

Innovation that goes way beyond ROI

Looking for an innovative, cost-effective solution to your medical device and contract packaging needs? You’ve come to the right place. Our revolutionary packaging system automatically opens, loads, and seals chevron peel pouches from roll-stock. It’s efficient, reliable, and customizable—and will make an immediate impact on your bottom line.

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Integrated Printing Options

Integrated Thermal Transfer Printer (2-by 4-inch)

  • M1012P-2
  • Bell-Mark Easy Print II
  • 2-by 4-inch Print Area
  • Single Color
  • Platen
  • Accessory Kit
  • Versatile Software (or Interface Driver)
  • Easy Barcode Reader

Thermal Transfer Printer (5-by 4-inch)

  • M1012P-2
  • Bell-Mark Easy Print II
  • 5-by 4-inch Print Area
  • Single Color
  • Platen
  • Accessory Kit
  • Versatile Software (or Interface Driver)
  • Easy Barcode Reader

Integrated Label Application Options

Integrated Print and Apply Labeler

  • M1012PA
  • Label-Air Printer Applicator
  • Zebra, Datamax, or Sato Engine
  • DPI Print Density (300 DPI available)
  • 4 inch Print Width
  • Label Size: 7 by 7 inches
  • 1 Standard Tamp Pad Included

Label on Pad Detection Sensing

  • Vacuum Sensing
  • Triggers Fault
  • Interrupts Process

Quick-Change Tamp Pad Modification

  • Required for First Quick Change Pad
  • Includes One Modification Pad for Quick Change


  • Additional Quick Change Tamp Pads
  • Easy Label Gold Software (for label creation)
  • Ethernet Communication Option

Auxiliary Powered Unwind

  • Allows Second Web Path for Label Placement on Either Side

General Product Lines Options

Adjustable Frame Height: 34 by 42 inches

  • Available on M1012, P, and PA

Integrated Conveyor (Short)

  • Electrically Integrated
  • Stainless Steel Constructed
  • Motor Driven
  • Flighted Belt
  • Conveys Filled Package up to Table-Top Height

Integrated Conveyor (long)

  • Same Features as Above
  • Typically Used with A M1012PA System
  • Active Ionizing Static Bar

Safety Features

  • Lexan Safety Cover (Fill Area)
  • Interlocked Safety Cover (Fill Area)

External Air Filtration Package

  • Integrated Into Pouch Opening Air Line
  • 0.1 Micron Particle Filtration (5 Micron Std.)
  • Externally Mounted for Maintenance Access

Analog Control of Seal Bar Pressure

  • Analog Pressure Transmitter
  • Programmable from Operator Interface
  • Variable Included in Recipe Formula

End of Roll Sensing

  • Fork Through-Beam Type Sensing
  • Alarm Generation
  • Machine Halts Until Reset

2-up Pouch Adaption (New Machine)

  • Note: Currently Printing Limitations
  • M1012 and M1012P Only
  • M1012PA Custom Quote Required

2-up Pouch Adaption (Existing Machine)

  • Must be Returned to Factory for Modification
  • Customer Responsible for Shipping to/from Factory

2- up Tooling ( For Additional Pouch Configuration) – Base Machine Spare Part Kit

  • Slitter Blade
  • Male Cutoff Blade
  • Female Cutoff Blade – Top
  • Female Cutoff Blade – Bottom
  • 1000w Heather with Connectors
  • Thermal Couple with Connector
  • Teflon Tape .5- by 18-yard Roll
  • Spare Suction Cups (Qty 2)

2- up Tooling ( For Additional Pouch Configuration) – On-Site Installation Support and Training

  • M1012 Base Machine
  • M1012P
  • M1012 PA


We can provide customized solutions that can tailor your machine to better fit your needs and improve your payback. We can convey filled pouches, use vision to inspect filled pouches, create custom software, provide data collection, interface up-stream/ down-stream, and even auto-load product in some case. Ask us to review your special needs. No Problem.



  • Power 115vac 15 amps
  • Compressed Air: 5 SCFM@80 PSI

Pouch Size

  • • 10 inches wide by up to 12 inches long, single index
    • 10 inches wide by up to 24 inches long, double index

Indexing Speed

  • 15 inches per second standard

Material Combinations

  • Tyvek®/PET/PE
  • Paper/PET/PE
  • Foil/PET/PE
  • Foil/Foil
  • More

Pouch Registration

  • Square thumb notch
  • Round thumb notch
  • Contrasting rectangular eye spot

Note: 1/32-inch accuracy and repeatability required from pouch to supplier

Tension Control

  • Programmable with magnetic brake

Available Parameters for Validation Measurement

  • Seal Bar Temperature
  • Seal Bar Pressure
  • Seal Bar Dwell Time

Optional Features

  • Thermal Transfer Printing (2 by 4 inches and 5 by 4 inches available)
  • Label Print and Apply
  • Active antistatic control
  • Heavy Duty Castors
  • Adjustable Frame Height 34-42 inches
  • More

Limited One Year Warranty

A one-year limited warranty is provide covering defective components or material. PurePouch LLC will repair or replace defective components. Customer site removal and reinstallation of these components is not covered nor is normal wear and tear. A written warranty is available on request.

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